Work continues on the Budhathum 6 project with BWS

The major decision over the last weeks has been to terminate our association with the French NGO Rock’n Wood, by mutual consent. This NGO was involved with the construction of the community center since the beginning of the project, in collaboration with the nepalese NGO BWS. Irreconcilable differences led to this decision.

Alaya Foundation will now complete this project with the NGO Budhathum Welfare Society of Nepal. The villagers of Budhathum 6 have expressed their need for this center and their pride to participate in it’s construction. Immediately a team of men and women was formed in the village and, October 23 2017, work at the site began in great joy and co-operation, under the supervision of Prakash Silwal. This engineer is competent to build according to anti-seismic Nepalese regulations. Prakash is familiar with this village, he will live there during the entire project. To date, the following work has been done : Ground breaking and recuperation of stones and trees necessary for the construction, which should be completed by may 2018.

At the same time, our fundraising campaign continues to mobilise all our efforts. We are thankful for your continued support. As you know, acting to help the needy can be gratifying !